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Of interest, we also looked in a post-hoc analysis at the effects of liraglutide in those people who still had C-peptide on board and, thus, had functioning beta cells on board. It was obvious that the effect was nicer on HbA1c when looking at those who still had C-peptide. Also the risk of ketosis and the risk of hypoglycaemia was less in those who still had C-peptide on board and, thus, functioning beta cells on board.
Play the audio to learn more about the effect of liraglutide on patients with functioning beta cells
Summary of symptomatic hypoglycaemia by baseline C-peptide (<LLOQ and ≥LLOQ – week 52 – full analysis set:
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Summary of on-treatment data. This summary includes treatment-emergent episodes with onset dates on or after the first day on treatment and no later than the day after the last day on treatment. Symptomatic hypoglycaemic episodes are episodes that, according to Novo Nordisk definition, are either severe according to the ADA definition or are accompanied by a plasma glucose value of <3.1 mmol/L (56 mg/dL), with symptoms consistent with hypoglycaemia.

ADA: American Diabetes Association
E: number of events (episodes)
FAS: full analysis set
LLOQ: lower limit of quantification (0.03 nmol/L)
N: number of subjects with at least one even (episode)
R: event rate per subject year of exposure
%: percentage of subjects with at least one event (episode)

Summary of hyperglycaemia with ketosis by baseline C-peptide (<LLOQ or ≥LLOQ):
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LLOQ: lower limit of quantification for baseline C-peptide
On-treatment analysis. Exposure refers to the cumulative time in trial.

Mathieu C, Zinman B, Hemmingsson JU, Woo V, Colman P, Christiansen E, Linder M, Bode B; ADJUNCT ONE Investigators. Efficacy and Safety of Liraglutide Added to Insulin Treatment in Type 1 Diabetes: The ADJUNCT ONE Treat-To-Target Randomized Trial. Diabetes Care. 2016 Oct;39(10):1702-10